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Fracture registries

Fragility fracture registries provide a means to benchmark care against national clinical standards. Fracture registries have been established and are in development in several countries:

  • Australia and New Zealand: Australian and New Zealand facilities level audit published 2013 – link.Trans-Tasman acute hip fracture care guidelines were published in September 2014. Hip fracture registry information technology platform developed in Q3-2014. Pilot sites currently collecting data in Australia and to start in New Zealand in Q4-2014. http://anzhfr.org/
  • Canada: British Columbia Hip Fracture Registry in development – link. Also see Bone and Joint Decade Canada’s National Hip Fracture Toolkit.
  • Germany: Pilot project in development
  • Ireland: Irish Hip Fracture Database (IHFD). http://www.noca.ie/noca-irish-hip-fracture-database
  • Lebanon: Sibai AM, Nasser W, Ammar W et al. Hip fracture incidence in Lebanon: a national registry-based study with reference to standardized rates worldwide. Osteoporos Int. 2011 Sep;22(9):2499-2506. PubMed ID 21069293
  • Malta: Pilot project in development
  • Slovenia: Pilot project in development
  • Spain: Pilot project in development
  • United Kingdom: National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD). http://www.nhfd.co.uk/
  • United States of America: Own the Bone Fragility Fracture Registry (American Orthopaedic Association). http://www.ownthebone.org/