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Preventing the second fracture

If you are over 50 and have had a fracture as a result of a minor fall or bump then you may be at risk for further fractures. In order to prevent a second fracture there are several positive steps that you can take:

Know your bone health

It is worth considering if you have osteoporosis or have other predisposing factors for fracture.

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Just like many of your other organs, your skeleton is constantly turning over and repairing minor defects.

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Exercise can help to reduce your risk of a future fracture by helping to maintain the strength of your skeleton

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Good vision prevents falls. Have an eye test if you find yourself stumbling or falling because you can’t see clearly.

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Make your home / environment a safer place

A list of helpful tips to make your home safer

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If medication is considered appropriate, then there are a number of pharmacological options available in New Zealand

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