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About us

Osteoporosis NZ is the only national organisation in New Zealand specifically committed to improving the lives of people living with osteoporosis, and preventing the fractures it causes.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of our establishment on World Osteoporosis Day in 1999.

Our Vision, Mission and Goals illustrate why Osteoporosis NZ exists, and how we intend to ensure that osteoporosis care in New Zealand becomes world leading within this decade.

Our vision

Better bones and fewer fractures for New Zealanders.

Our mission

To engage with the public, health professionals, policymakers and the private sector, through programmes of awareness, advocacy and education, to prevent fractures caused by osteoporosis

Our goals

In chronological order, our goals for the current decade are:

  1. By 2015, to achieve full implementation by all District Health Boards (DHBs) of Fracture Liaison Services (FLS), the model of care which ensures that all patients presenting with fractures caused by osteoporosis receive the osteoporosis assessment and treatment that they need, combined with interventions to reduce falls risk.
  2. By 2016, to achieve comprehensive clinical participation in a New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry, which will benchmark prospectively the quality of hip fracture care in all DHBs against trans-Tasman professional guidelines published in 2014.
  3. By 2017, to develop clinically-effective and cost-effective systems, through a collaborative process, for prevention of the first fracture caused by osteoporosis – First Fracture Prevention Programmes – for nationwide implementation by 2020.
  4. By 2018, to demonstrate a 25% improvement in national awareness of osteoporosis, and the fractures that it causes, compared with results from a baseline public survey of adults carried out in 2015.
  5. By 2020, to demonstrate a national reduction of 1,000 cases of hip fracture per year (relative to the  ageing population trend line of 2012) and a public health cost saving of NZ$20 million per year (adjusted annually from 2012 dollars for inflation).