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ONZ ANZBMS Clinical Densitometry Training Course | Auckland | Date: 29th & 30th July 2023


spineTraining courses for practitioners and operators involved with bone densitometry

This clinical densitometry course is intended for both practitioners and technologists. It covers the pathophysiology of osteoporosis, as well as the principles and practice of bone density and body composition measurement.

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Faculty of Medical and Health Science,
85 Park Road, Grafton, Auckland,
New Zealand.


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ONZ Clinical Densitometry Course Registration

Closing Date

21st July 2023 (or earlier if fully booked)

You should consider this course if:mri

  • You have a tertiary education in a science based course, including nursing, and you have not previously received formal training for bone densitometry.
  • You are currently a DXA operator who has not undertaken formal training or who is seeking an advanced update of their work practices.
  • You are a medical specialist, or specialist registrar in training, with responsibility for bone density testing and are seeking deeper knowledge of the technological and quality assurance aspects of bone densitometry measurements and reporting.

Course structure:

  • Participants are provided with extensive online course material prior to the commencement of the course and are required to read through all the material before they attend the lecture series.
  • Hardcopies are not available, but course participants may print the material for their own use.
  • Participants then attend a two-day lecture & workshop series, which includes interactive sessions allowing use of manufacturer specific DXA software.
  • Additional online material is provided after the course.
  • An online multiple-choice examination is held two weeks after completion of the lecture series.
Chris Schultz
Ian Reid
Lindsay Plank
Mark Bolland
Craig Jefferies
Jill Cornish
Anne Horne
Christine Gill
ONZ anzbms