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Injury Prevention

There are a number of very practical ways of preventing injury and reducing the risk falls. The following is a guide and list of suggestions you might consider to help yourslef on a day to day basis.

Safety around the house

  • Make your home safe by getting rid of hazards.
  • Keep a torch by the bed for night use. Check the batteries often.
  • Keep lights on in any area you may need to walk at night.
  • Remove or firmly anchor rugs as they may slide or bunch up and cause a fall.
  • Keep clutter and cords out of your way.
  • Always use the railing on stairways.
  • Make sure a light is turned on before you go up or down steps and that the stairway is well lit.
  • Don’t let pets walk too closely around your feet.
  • Wear low-heeled, supportive and secure shoes with rubber soles.
  • Don’t try to move heavy furniture yourself.
  • Don’t try to open a window or door that is heavy or stuck.
  • Keep the house warm in winter.
  • Get someone else to do routine home maintenance.
  • Have good lighting in every room.

Bathroom safety

  • Have solid grab bars installed at the toilet and the bath/shower to prevent slipping and falling.
  • Use a bath bench and handheld shower head or a shower. Getting in and out of or sitting in a bath may injure your back.
  • To brush your teeth, rest on one hand at the back of the sink with your back straight, hips bent, and knees braced against the cabinet.
  • When putting on makeup or brushing your hair, use a mirror that can be pulled out towards you.

Kitchen safety

  • Keep frequently used items between eye level and hip height. Use reachers to get things from high places.
  • Avoid using a stool or bending over.
  • Don’t lift heavy objects.
  • When moving dishes in and out of the oven or dishwasher, sit or stand at the side, rather than leaning forward over the door.

Bedroom safety

  • Roll to your side before sitting up on the edge of your bed.
  • Sit down or lie on your back to dress.
  • When putting on shoes, bring your foot up across the opposite knee.
  • When making the bed, bend from the hips and knees. Pull on one layer of bedding at a time to avoid back strain, and tuck the covers under while kneeling.

Garden safety

  • Choose long-handled and lightweight tools.
  • Don’t bend over. Stand straight or kneel.
  • Work at a higher level by using raised beds or planters.
  • Avoid lifting heavy bags of weeds and compost.
  • Avoid strong tugging at stubborn weeds.