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Stand Up To Falls

Osteoporosis NZ is pleased to endorse and support the AprilFallsQuiz2015work being led by the Health Quality & Safety Commission in New Zealand, on Reducing Harm from Falls.  During the next six months, commencing with a month long focus during April Falls 2015, there is a concentrated effort under a campaign banner of “Stand Up To Falls”.  The key messages promoted are integrated falls prevention initiatives across hospital, aged residential care, community and home-based care settings.  As reinforced by the Programme’s national clinical lead, Mrs Sandy Blake, falls prevention is everyone’s business.  We are keen to look at the wider impacts on individuals and the system around frailty, fragility, falls and fracture.  We all have a vital role to play at every level of our organisations and as individuals who are at risk of falling, or caring for someone who may be at risk of falling and harming themselves.

I encourage you to get involved, spread the word and participate in a number of key events and activities during April 2015 including:

  • The April Falls 2015 quiz and survey
  • Sign up for the webinar on the Atlas of Health Variation (falls domain) – From Atlas to Action
  • Sign up for the Focus on Falls quarterly newsletter
  • Improve learning and awareness on falls prevention by including the Falls 10 Topics as part of your ongoing education and learning – individually, in groups or at an organisational level.

Check out the following web pages, and circulate this information to your own networks of interest:

Please also click here for further detail on our website about Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand, one of the many organisations with whom we have developed a collaborative relationship.

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