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A seismic shift in the prevention of falls and fractures in New Zealand

ACC is putting more than $30 million into services aimed at reducing the number of falls and fractures older people suffer.

Accident Compensation Corporation Minister Nikki Kaye has made an announcement concerning a major investment in falls and fracture prevention services in New Zealand:

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ACC Announces 30.5 Million Aged Care Funding Boost – One News

This has been the result of a multi-sector effort involving a very broad array of stakeholders from the healthcare profession, not-for-profit sector and government.

Pursuant to publication of Osteoporosis New Zealand (ONZ) strategy BoneCare 2020 in 2012, ONZ has played a leading role in this effort, having worked as a partner with ACC, Ministry of Health and other organisations to develop this strategy. The initiative includes the NZ component of the ANZ Hip Fracture Registry, implementation of Fracture Liaison Services across the country, in-home and community-based strength and balance programmes, assessment and management programmes and medication reviews.

ONZ are absolutely delighted that all the hard work from everyone involved has come to fruition