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Make your home / environment a safer place

  • Wear sensible shoes that grip the ground and support your feet.
  • Don’t walk around in your socks or stockings, or loose slippers.
  • Keep your floors free from clutter, electrical extension cords, etc. that could trip you up.
  • Loose rugs should be avoided especially if their edges don’t lie flat or if they can slip on the floor.
  •  Ensure adequate lighting at night, have a torch next to your bed or even consider a night light.
  • Watch out for small pets that might trip you up.
  • Use a rubber bathmat in the shower or tub, or use a plastic chair (that won’t slip) in the shower.
  • Be aware of stairs and changes in the environment such as different floor levels.
  • If you have balance problems or feel unsteady use the handrail on the stairs.
  • Avoid rushing for appointments, sudden chhanges in movement that can upset your balance.