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New Zealand Orthopaedic Association

The New Zealand Orthopaedics Association established in 1952 is a member led association of virtually all orthopaedic surgeons in New Zealand including those in training. It has three main roles:

  • Continual Professional  Education where the emphasis is on reflecting on current practice to allow for continual improvement and the further  development of  the art and science of orthopaedic surgery through international networking and research;
  • Teaching of registrars and house surgeons, especially those on the orthopaedic training scheme. The training schemes is a five year postgraduate apprenticeship based training where trainees are working towards Fellowship with the Royal College of Australasian Surgeons.
  • The third aspect is advocacy on behalf of patients to ensure Ministry of Health funding levels are adequate for the orthopaedic surgery required  by New Zealanders, ACC is treating clients fairly and the public is able to receive good accurate information about orthopaedic  procedures.