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Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand

The Health Quality & Safety Commission, New Zealand (the Commission) endorses the work of Osteoporosis New Zealand in promoting systematic approaches for optimal bone health, hip fracture care and prevention.   One of the Commission’s core values is to work alongside stakeholders to improve health, quality and safety.  We value the views of others and respect diversity of culture and opinion.

There is a natural alignment with Osteoporosis NZ through the Commission-led national Reducing Harm from Falls programme, the first quality improvement programme profiled in the Commission’s national patient safety campaign Open for better care. 

We recognise that a whole-of-system approach is needed for populations of concern – ranging from those who are generally healthy and active, to those who are frail or live with complex chronic conditions, to those at the end of life.  From a falls prevention perspective, sub-groups of this population can be targeted for interventions ranging from cost-effective population health-based primary prevention (such as home or community-based balance and strength exercise programmes) to higher-cost treatment and rehabilitation (such as ortho-geriatric care after hip fracture).

The Commission’s Reducing Harm from Falls programme strongly supports the establishment of fracture liaison services and the implementation of a Hip Fracture Registry for New Zealand, as we look for the best population outcomes and drive to achieve better integration of services through falls and fracture national and international alliances.