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NZ Minister of Health highlights the New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry

On Friday 8th April in his speech to the Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons conference, Health Minister Dr. Jonathan Coleman said the following with respect to key elements of the Osteoporosis NZ Strategy:

NZ Hip Fracture Registry

The New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry helps to inform and improve the optimal care for acute hip fracture patients.

It’s largely a quality improvement initiative, with inherent longer term productivity gains possible through reduced adverse events and better flow through the system.

Nearly 4,000 New Zealanders break their hip every year, incurring hospital costs of $105 million a year.

The Registry is one part of a more comprehensive approach to reducing harm from falls and fractures in older people. The Ministry of Health has also set an expectation that all DHBs implement a fracture liaison service’

Full details of the speech here.