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Know your Bones™ – It could save your life

Osteoporosis New Zealand is delighted to offer all New Zealanders Know our Bones ™ (KYB).

This free online user-friendly questionnaire helps you to identify your personal risk of fracture and provides some simple suggestions on how to improve your bone health.

Both men and women may have certain ‘risk factors’ that can make them more likely to develop osteoporosis. Awareness of risk, falls prevention, early diagnosis and the treatment of osteoporosis are key to the prevention of fragility fractures.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to complete the Know your Bones ™ test and get your personalised fracture risk report.

If you have risk factors, we suggest you to print this report and discuss it with your doctor.

As KYB’s is based on key findings from the Garvan Medical Research Institute’s 26-year osteoporosis epidemiology study your GP is able to make a clinical decision from the results of the questionnaire.

Good bone health begins with Knowing your Bones.